MR3 Manual Load Router

CTI has been a leader in the PCB assembly equipment market since our inception in 1989.

The MR3 has optional PCB sizes up to 24" x  52".

The MR3 has a split axis gantry utilizing the highest precision THK ball screws and closed loop servo drives. It is capable of making a full range of cut types, inclucing: lines, arcs, angles and 3D topography.

The MR3 has heavy-duty construction. It's primary mounting base is made of a solid one-inch thick precision tool plate. It's base contruction supports it's highest precision (cutting accuracy .0011 inches) and high speed (movement speed 39 inches/sec) capability.

The MR3 has Top side vacuum. Bottom side vacuum is optional with a full PCB size vacuum cavity. The dual vaccum configuration produces unequalled debris removal.

It includes fudicial comeral with barcode read and feature inspection as well as our patented easy teach software.

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