MR2 Manual Load Router

Process Flow


Remove PCB panel fixture from previous product run.

  • Select manual mode on touch screen
  • Press open door
  • Lift previous fixture off base to fixture tooling pins.  It should be a tight fit so lift up on both sides equally.

Place fixture for the next production run onto the base to fixture tooling pins.

Press close door on touch screen.

From the touch screen, select auto mode.

Load Program for next run.

  • From touch screen, select product profiles
  • Type in program name or scroll down the list and select the correct program name.


Begin Production

Press start on the touch screen

  • The door will open

Load the first PCB Panel of the run onto the fixture

  • Be sure the Panel is completely seated onto the fixture to PCB tooling pins.
  • Make sure the PCB Panel is oriented correctly
  • Note:  The machine can be programmed to inspect fiducials and/or features on the PCB prior to beginning routing to insure PCB matches the routing program and to insure the PCB Panel is placed inthe fixture with the correct orientation.

Unload depaneled PCBs and scrap panel

Repeat steps to complete production run.

Note:  If you are going to run a new product, view programming link and fixture link for more information.